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  • Home economics in a wintry outdoor setting. Photo by Anne Bech, Brøndbyøster Elementary School.
    Home economics in a wintry outdoor setting. Photo by Anne Bech, Brøndbyøster Elementary School.

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Who we are


Taste for Life - “Smag for Livet” in Danish - is an exemplary research and communication collaboration of scientists within the humanities, natural and social sciences, and practitioners within education and gastronomy. The center was funded by the Danish foundation Nordea-fonden 2014 - 2021 and worked through educational institutions, partners and taste ambassadors all over Denmark and in international collaborations.

By the end of 2021, Taste for Life is no longer funded as a project, but the participants' work is still available online at (in Danish). The newsletter (in Danish) also continues, and you can reach the center's management and secretariat by email or telephone. Numbers and adresses are available on the Contact page.

Taste for Life focuses on taste and the flavour of food as a driver for joy of life, health, learning, and culinary skills. With the resources of taste, we aim to release and activate the possibilities of a better and richer life for children, young people and adults in Denmark.

The center involves researchers from the humanities (pedagogical and didactical scientists), natural sciences (sensory scientists and gastrophysicists), and social sciences (anthropologists), as well as educators (at preschool, elementary, secondary and vocational schools, university colleges and universities) and chefs.

Through interdisciplinary research collaboration and communication to pupils, students, teachers and the broader public in educational institutions and festivals, we bridge different scientific disciplines in a close, collaborative effort, hereby generating new knowledge on taste.

The centre includes researchers from several universities and colleges, chefs from innovation kitchens and food colleges, and teachers from elementary schools, high schools and vocational educations. By integrating taste, learning, didactics and communication, our projects focus on three main areas:

  1. taste pedagogy and didactics;
  2. gastrophysics, sensory sciences, and the integration of scientific disciplines;
  3. innovation and honing of culinary skills.

Taste for Life is non-profit, funded by the independent philanthropic foundation Nordea-fonden. The knowledge and results as well as educational materials are publicly available and communicated to the general public using a wide range of means, including the website (and to some extent, and an open access website for teachers,

Below you will find a list of the people who have worked with Taste for Life during 2014 - 2021 (all or some years):

Project participants

Project participants

Blaise Badre

Teacher, chef

Thomas Brahe

E-learning consultant

Peter Brodersen

Senior lecturer and senior researcher

Louise Beck Brønnum

M.Sc., gastrophysicist

Morten Christensen

Lecturer, PhD

Marie Damsbo-Svendsen

MSc, research assistant

Michael Edsen-Johansen

Head of Education

Michael Bom Frøst

Associate Professor, PhD

Jan Geertsen


Jette Graversen


Ellen Ravn Habekost

Lecturer, Master in Health Education

Peter Henrichsen

Cooking teacher and hunter

Lise Holmgaard


Susanne Højlund

Associate Professor, PhD

Johanne Hvelplund

Development consultant

Lone Kristensen


Anders Lund

Science teacher

Jeppe Mebus


Bat-El Menadeva Karpantschof

MSc in Gastronomy and Health

Rikke Højer Nielsen

Lecturer, ph.d., chef

Annemarie Olsen

Associate Professor, PhD

Pernille Vermø Persson

Science teacher

Martin Petersen

Project consultant

Majbritt Pless

Senior lecturer, teacher

Dennis Rix


Flemming Rukjær

Teacher, chef

Susan Sonne Sørensen

Teacher, chef

Mikkel Stovgaard

Ph.d., Postdoc

Klavs Styrbæk

Head chef

Pia Styrbæk


Yi-Ting Sung

MSc in Food innovation and Health from University of Copenhagen.

Cathrine Terkelsen

Editor of teaching materials, taste ambassador, teacher

Mathias Merrild Thorborg

Research Assistant

Casper Thrane

High school teacher, Ph.d. student

Anne Torpegaard Festersen

Editor of teaching materials, teacher

Coordination and communications

Eva Rymann

Journalist, Communications Officer

Taste partners

Anne Bech


Camilla Damsgaard

Assistant Professor

Camilla Finsterbach Kaup

Assistant professor, MA, MSc IT

Valérie Hémar-Nicolas

Associate Professor

Lars Qvortrup


Anja Suldrup Rasmussen

Cand. Scient., Food innovation and health


Liselotte Hedegaard

Senior lecturer and researcher, PhD.

Ole G. Mouritsen

Head of center, professor, DSc, University of Copenhagen

Mikael Schneider

Project coordinator

Simon N Sørensen

Teacher, chef

Karen Wistoft

Professor, Ph.d., Aarhus University

Grant recipients

Morten Aagaard

Cand.scient in computer science and social studies, D-vip at University of Aalborg, tasteambassador

Alma Anderson

Cooking student, tasteambassador

Martha Freja Andreassen

Teacher and project manager

My Bach

Nutrition and healt student

Anne Bech


Charlotte Holm Brodersen

Cand.scient Food innovation and health

Trine Brøndum

Chef trainee, tasteambassador

Louise Beck Brønnum, taste ambassador

Lise Brunk

Bachelor, Nutrition and health

Ghislaine Calleja

Cand.scient Foodinnovation and health

Emilie Daugbjerg Clausen

Dairy technologist

Mette Dehm

Nutrition and health student

Mette Egeskov

Architect and event manager at Engestofte Gods

Tobias Enøe

Chef trainee, taste ambassador

Peter Lionet Faxholm

Chef, and Food science student

Claus Frantzen

Cand.scient Foodinnovation and Health

Kayla Guerrero

Educated in Nutrition

Mikkel Hagen

Chef trainee

Lisa Hansen

Textbook author, teacher, cand.pæd

Eline Lange Hansen

Bachelor, Nutrition and Health, taste ambassador

Asmus Gamdrup Jensen

Historian, taste ambassador

Brian Bjarke Jensen


Jonas Stejn Klotz

Bachelor in Nutrition and Health

Cecilie Knudsen

Waiter trainee, taste ambassador

Denise Gjørtz Krog

Bachelor in Nutrition and Health

Sofie Zacho Leth-Nissen

Bachelordegree in Nutrition and Health

Elisabeth Madsen

Chef, taste ambassador

Kim Møller Madsen

Chemical Engineer, Teaches chemistry at Mejeristuddannelsen

Kristine Böhm Nielsen

Teacher, cand. scient.

Lotte Knakkergaard Nielsen

Cand.scient.anth. (Anthropology)

Sigrid Skouw Nielsen

Cand.scient. Foodinnovation and health, taste ambassador

Peter Nøhr

Chef, taste ambassador

Jonas Astrup Pedersen (Food science)

Cecilie Bunk Pedersen

Chef, taste ambassador

Kirsten Marie Pedersen

Lecturer emerita, master in health pedagogy

Mie Thorborg Pedersen

Cand.scient., ph.d-student

Rasmus Petersen

Primary school teacher

Mikkeline Møller Rasmussen

Taste ambassador, Chef at College360 and Radisson Blue in Silkeborg

Ditte Jacqueline Rasmussen

Teacher, taste ambassador

Amanda N Rasmussen


Lasse Schwartz

Nutrition and Health student

Julia Sick

Cand.scient Human nutrition

Kirsten Thur

Baker, confectioner, chocolatier, ice cream master, taste ambassador

Maria Kvist Trangbæk

Taste ambassador, chef trainee at College360 and Hotel Randers

Mikkel Wejdemann

Food consultant, taste ambassador

Adam Williamson

Primary school teacher, chef and waiter

Former participants

Charlotte Holm Brodersen

MSc, taste ambassador

Mathias Porsmose Clausen

Senior Lecturer, PhD, Taste ambassador

Lars Duelund

Academic employee, MSc.

Michael Edsen-Johansen

Chef, former Head of Education at "Mad & Oplevelser", Kold College

Jan Geertsen

Senior lecturer, Sct. Knuds Gymnasium (high school)

Kayla Guerrero

Taste ambassador

Stinne Gunder Strøm Krogager

Associate Professor, PhD

Per Lyngs Hansen

Senior lecturer, PhD

Agnete Hoffmeyer

MA in general pedagogy

Kenneth Højgaard

Chef, MSc.

Lars Husum

Senior lecturer

Mikkel Jacobsen

Lecturer, researcher

Bjarne Jeppesen

Associate Professor

Anette Kamuk

Senior Lecturer, MSc

Denise Gjørtz Krog

Taste ambassador

Mikkel Lassen

MA in Education

Jonatan Leer

Docent, PhD

Elle Christine Lüchau

Student assistant

Jesper Mebus

Associate Professor

Charlotte Mithril

Senior lecturer, PhD

Birthe Kofoed Mortensen

Senior lecturer, MSc

Per Møller

Associate professor emeritus, PhD

Rikke Højer Nielsen

Senior lecturer, chef, PhD

Henrik Parbo

Senior lecturer emeritus

Jonas Astrup Pedersen

Taste ambassador

Kirsten Marie Pedersen

Lecturer emerita, Taste ambassador

Mie Thorborg Pedersen

MSc, PhD-student

Karen Klitgaard Povlsen

Associate Professor emerita

Amanda N Rasmussen

Taste ambassador

Anja Ravnsbæk

Educational leader, MSc

Julia Sick

Taste ambassador

Mathias Skovmand-Larsen

Research Assistant, MSc

Leonardo Sagastuy Solis

Taste ambassador

Kasper Styrbæk

Taste ambassador

Thomas Yung

E-learning consultant