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  • The winning packed lunch. Photo: Adam Williamson,
  • The winning packed lunch. Photo: Adam Williamson,

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Eighth-grade pupils: The ultimate packed lunch tastes crunchy and greasy


Article A group of home economics eighth grade pupils from Åvangsskolen in Rønne took up a challenge: Create the world’s best packed lunch according to your own taste. The winning menu was crunchy and greasy.

”The packed lunch has to consist of different elements so that you can eat parts of it, when you're hungry. And there has to be something delicious to eat at the end.” 

”The sandwich has to be grilled to make it a bit crunchy and greasy”

”We make rye bread chips because they're a healthy snack, which tastes good because it's crunchy. Then we cut it into triangles because it looks good. Now we just hope they'll become crunchy enough.” 

That is what some of the eighth-grade pupils said while they brainstormed and tested their ideas for the ultimate packed lunch. This was all part of the lesson plan ”The packed lunch of the future” developed by Adam Williamson, home economics teacher and taste ambassador in Taste for Life. 

The winning lunchbox
The winner team
The winners: Team Spicy Girls
The winning team present their lunchbox
The winners present their lunchbox
The winner lunchbox is crunchy and greasy
The winning lunchbox is crunchy and greasy


From idea to the winning packed lunch 

The pupils spent two lessons to develop their ideas and test them in the kitchen. In the first lesson they were told to brainstorm using the categories wet, dry, green and crunchy. In the second lesson they tested their ideas and adjusted their recipes to make the taste – in their opinion – spot on. 

On the third day, the final packed lunch was prepared and served to both professional chefs, Tom Skovgaard Stobberup and Carsten Folkmann, and to the other pupils at the school, who had to judge the taste. 

Four teams of pupils competed, and the judges elected Team Spicy Girls, consisting of Sara Bjerring Michelsen, Elma Sabanovic, Frederikke Holm Munch and Cecilie Vesth, as the winning team. 

The winning packed lunch consisted of grilled rye bread sandwich, fresh rice paper rolls with sweet and sour sauce, vegetable sticks with sour cream dip, rye bread chips and a smoothie. One class mate announced: 

”It tastes GOOD. I would like to have this in my lunchbox. EVERY DAY.”