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Creative Tastebuds 2021: Exploring how our sense of taste can save the planet


News Creative Tastebuds, a unique symposium for researchers, practitioners and other experts of taste, will return in May 2021 at Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus, Denmark.

UPDATE: The Creative Tastebuds symposium has been postponed due to the coronavirus lockdown. New dates are May 3.-4., 2021.

On May 3rd and 4th 2021, the innovative and interdisciplinary symposium "Creative Tastebuds: Exploring how our sense of taste can save the planet" will take place at Moesgaard Museum in the South of Aarhus.

The first edition of Creative Tastebuds took place as part of European Cultural Capital 2017 in Aarhus and proved such a success that Taste for Life, University of Aarhus and the Institute of Meals now collaborates on a new edition.

The theme of Creative Tastebuds 2021 is taste and sustainability. Scientists, chefs, designers and more will, together with all participants, explore and try to answer how our taste can help ensure new and more sustainable food choices for both humans and the planet.

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